Zoho Remotely Bundle

Work remotely. Your office is where you are.

Zoho Remotely is a suite of web and mobile apps to facilitate remote working. Many companies have closed doors due to the COVID-19 spread.  Zoho wanted to solve this problem quickly by launching Zoho Remotely, which will be free till September 1, 2020 (by which time we hope the Coronavirus crisis tides over).

Due to the rush of enabling this option, Zoho hadn’t yet decided the price for this bundle. However, we can guarantee that the pricing will be attractive and will scream ‘value for money’, like other Zoho offerings, such as Zoho One.

With this set of apps, you can maintain a close-knit and productive working environment, no matter where your team is based.

Moreover, it enables remote work by offering a complete suite to help you communicate, collaborate and be productive.

Zoho Remotely contains the following 11 applications:

Zoho Remotely


  • Zoho Cliq – Instant messaging/chat platform
  • Zoho Show – Business presentation tool
  • Zoho Meeting – Video conferencing tool
  • Zoho Sprints – Agile project management software
  • Zoho Lens and Assist – Remote support software
  • Zoho WorkDrive – Document management tool
  • Zoho ShowTime – Engagement and training tool
  • Zoho Writer – Collaborative word processor
  • Zoho Sheet – Collaborative spreadsheet application

Click here for 30 days free trail of Zoho Remotely (no credit card is required).

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