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With a few easy steps, you will be able to get your account setup and working with the Zoho services in no time.

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Get a tailored pricing plan to meet your unique business requirements. Our experts will ensure you have a fully configured solution in the shortest possible time.
$ 90 USD per hour
  • Plan starts with a minimum of 5 hours of service. Local taxes (GST, VAT etc.) will be charged if applicable.

Frequently Asked Questions

During the consultation phase, our product expert will talk to you and get a clear understanding of your business needs. Together we’ll write clear specifications, defining the work needed to be done during implementation so that it’s tailored specifically towards getting results!

Please note: For this Requirements process, you will be required to pay a non-refundable fee of $600. In case you choose not to proceed, the consultation fee will not be returned. However, you still get to keep the Statement of Work document with you (which you can later use to implement the solution with another partner or with a different solution). For further clarifications, contact [email protected].

* Please review the 2 links below to give you an idea of what we do:

Customer initial requirements


We feel it is reasonable to charge a fee for this service as we dedicate our time and expertise to the preparation of well-tailored work. We take your verbal ideas and put them into writing, in a way that makes sense to a technical developer, which enables us to grant you the certainty of what can be achieved, the duration and the costs. The SOW (Statement of Work), is a product on its own and that is what you are buying from us.

If you feel that you can write the SOW (Statement of Work), on your own, please email us that document, if it’s a clear document we can skip the “Documentation” phase (you save its fees) and move directly to the “Implementation” phase. 


* Please review the 2 links below to get an idea of what we do:

Customer initial requirements


By reviewing those 2 documents you can see the value embedded in our work. 

No, Jumpstart “Documentation” phase is separate and paid implementation program. The final cost of the service will depend on your business requirements, but it could be different than if you were to use another provider for all aspects of your web development!

The duration of our services varies based on your needs. We’ll be sure to give you a timeframe for the implementation service in the Statement of Work document at least once before starting any work!

Please note: The plan starts with a minimum of 5 hours of service (If your requirements are complex we may ask you to pay for 5 more hours).

Certain refunds may be processed if we hadn’t yet done our work. But, if we had put hours into this process, we would cover our time. If you have a specific question related to this, please reach out to [email protected].

Of course! You will receive exclusive training for the software’s configurations and customizations.

We record most of our setups in order to teach you how to maintain Zoho and adapt it to possible future changes. This will cover all the customization in your system (except code writing). This will usually cover about 95% of your Zoho implementation, so we won`t hold you hostage, forced to use our services to keep your systems running.

After the project sign-off stage, our team will direct you to a technical support representative who can assist with all your product related queries. We offer support packages so that your operation will keep running smoothly. 

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