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How we can help to achieve your goals?

Achieving your goals with Zoho tools.

Your customers expect a seamless experience when they interact with your business—on social media, mobile, in-store, through the call centre, on your website or when making a purchase online. While 80% of CEOs believe their companies provide a “superior” customer experience, but only 8% of customers would describe the service they’ve received in such glowing terms.

What if you wanted to become a professional swimmer and you want to win a medal at the Olympic? How would you prepare? You certainly wouldn’t just show up on the day and expect to take home gold. High-performance athletes will tell you– Success is not only about enthusiasm and talent, but it also takes a lot of hard work to win, strict training schedules, discipline and focus.

Swimmer - Zoho Tools Functionalities

That's where Go Biz IT comes to help to achieve your goals using Zoho tools

We have worked with hundreds of companies – help them to implement and use Zoho tools to achieve their goals. Some of those companies have similar needs to yours and our experience working with them can fix a lot of the issues that you might be facing now.

Part of the issue is that many companies build their processes around internal organizational processes rather than around the customer. But many companies are crippled by customer relationship management systems that are so limited in scope and capabilities that they perpetuate those information process and fail to provide the in-depth customer insight that today’s businesses need.


An external experienced Zoho implementation adviser may be very helpful, especially where the system or your processes may need tweaking to align together. Our Health Check aims to identify where the current system is not being used to its fullest capacity and better match its capabilities to your business expectations and Zoho latest upgrade (which may include functionalities that you are not aware of).  We will analyse our findings, collate recommendations and your findings in a written report. Our Health Check can help you identify exactly what is going wrong with your investment and deliver the results you were expecting:

  • Optimise your existing business process and increase user adoption.
  • Add new improvements to your business processes based on Zoho latest updates and it’s new functional features.
  • Remove unnecessary information that creates noise in your system.
  • Suggest automation in places that can increase your business productivity.
  • Manage your communication in the most adequate and efficient channel.
  • Track poor conversion or poor service.

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