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With Kloud Connectors in your pocket, you don`t have to worry about Integration, when you go out shopping for different Cloud apps/products. Whether its CRM or Accounting, Email Marketing, E-Commerce or anything else. We have you covered.

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LinkMatch for Zoho CRM is an awesome Google Chrome Extension allowing it’s users to save up to 2 hours per day on their manual search on Linkedin. The extension shows you which Linkedin profiles are already in your Zoho CRM and which are not. In addition, LinkMatch allows you to edit profile fields while staying on the Linkedin page.

Connect you Zoho CRM to Linkedin

LinkMatch have a  Parser option for for Zoho CRM and Zoho Recruit. This means that a unique mapping feature which allows you to tell LinkMatch to which Zoho fields the information from Linkedin should be saved.

Now you can save any contact from a LinkedIn page directly to your Zoho with a click of a button.

Zoho Phone Bridge with Zadarma

The Zadarma VoIP Projects enables you to setup your business telephone system without the heavy hardware and wiring expenses.

Zoho integration with telephony features:

  • Calls to clients from Zoho in one click
  • Pop-up client card during incoming and outgoing calls
  • Call recordings and statistics integration – listen to call recordings straight from Zoho CRM interface
  • Automatic call routing to the responsible employee, if they’re unavailable – to the first available manager;
    support Zoho CRMN and Zoho Desk

Zadarma free PBX features:

  • Voice menu (IVR)
  • Conditional and unconditional call forwarding
  • Call pick-up and call transfer
  • Auto-response text setup
  • Call recording
  • Missed calls notifications to messengers


Sandfield expertise is quickly assembling a company-specific system in the field of:

Dropshipping, adding the option to connect with suppliers, adding the option to automatically pass orders to Suppliers and receive shipment details back (via EDI).

3PL warehouses, where they manage customer inventory. PassingeCommerce orders to the 3PL, or their retail orders to the 3PL as well, and receive shipment details back.

Sometimes stock feeds can be sent from 3PL outlining what stock they have on hand against each SKU (this helps see if there are discrepancies with what is in Zoho Inventory).

Sandfield - Go Biz IT Partner

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